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     Integral Publishing is a fully integrated publishing outfit that provides a seamless process to publishing. We pride ourselves as an organisation that delivers excellent publishing services, taking account of clients’ needs and ensuring that those needs are professionally met to budget, within set timelines. Our services cover; Publishing, Content development, Copyright and Printing.


    We specialise in the production of general and specialists publications ranging from Magazines, Autobiographies, Compendiums to Christian devotional and much more.

    Content development

    Are you in a flux and not sure how to progress on that publishing dream? We have great news for you; our aim is to make your dream become a reality.


    Infringement on copyright issues can be quite costly and demoralising particularly when publishers fall foul on aspects such as privacy rights and publicity rights, to name a few.


    The quality of your publication is a combination of many factors and none must be compromised. Should you desire to achieve an excellent result in the quality of your production, great attention must therefore be given to the printing.

    Vantage Magazine

    Vantage magazine is owned by Visage World Ltd. This 68page, full-colour Business and Lifestyle magazine is produced quarterly in the UK by Integral Publishing, a subsidiary of Visage World Ltd.

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